Impress Green Energy Co.,Ltd. was established in 2010. We are the company that practically brings the smart farming management platform “BioMatLink” to the service. Starting with Cassava farming in Chachoengsao Province, we have 29,000 members that are farmers to support collaborative farming with farm land of 36,800 hectare  and in the future this farm land expansion will be escalated to 1.28 million hectare in a year nationwide. The platform service will be operated throughout Thailand and applied to all industrial crops in two years. This service also will expectedly be utilized in CLMV within three years.
Our Partners: BAAC, COOPS and Impress Ethanol Factory.
Our Core Competency:

Plant Cassavas or others crops with technology to give high yield and quality.

Able to manage sizable farm.

Give a close attention to all the members or farmers on all kinds of problems that they are facing.